Shades Of Grey

This is the post excerpt.


I’m just a free-thinking misfit trying to adapt to a world that either makes too much sense or no sense at all. Grey is the most baffling color to me – blurry, fuzzy, undefined – Yet I see that most people seem happy to just tread their lives away swimming in greyness…Pushed, pulled…Whichever way the tide flows or wind blows, they drift along…Content with lives that are undefined by anything except the currents they are stuck in. It drives me mad on the days I care and it leaves me watching from the shorelines with quiet amusement on more cynical days.

There is no real point – or definition – for this blog. It’s my GreySpace…A place to ramble and wander along with my thoughts as I try to forge my own way & stay relatively sane…An atheist, an anarchist & artist…A perpetual questioner of everything…Living in the deep southern bible belt of Trumpalites and football fanatics…Where folks are generally just as sweet as the tea but completely unaware of the fact that they live and swim and are content to dwell thoughtlessly in Shades of Grey…